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Meet Helen Oliveri

As the dynamic leader of The Helen Oliveri Team, Helen leads a professional team of experts to help you achieve your real estate goals.     Watch Helen’s testimonials and other videos at: If you’re looking to buy or sell see why Helen is “Your Best Move.” Call 847.967.0022 or visit us online today

Why NOW is the best time to sell

Buying a home is one of the most exciting things that a person will do in life. You should sell your home now if you intend to move to a shinier and newer house in a great neighborhood. This is because there are various favorable conditions for buying and selling, which will not last long!

The Best Advice for First Time Home Buyers

Before you start seriously shopping for a home,    there’s some groundwork you should do to put yourself in the best position to buy a home. Check your credit reports at least 3 months before applying for your home loan. This will give you time to fix any mistakes or improve your score if need be.

How to Appeal to First Time Buyers

With the increase in millennials entering the market, it’s time to start preparing for first time buyers. Although every buyer wants to find their dream home, most individuals are willing to compromise on certain items (especially when they are new to the market). Learn these tips to appeal to the largest part of the buying

Renting vs. Buying

Thinking you can’t afford to buy a new home? Think that renting is cheaper or more affordable? Despite rising home prices, it is still cheaper to buy a home than rent one in major cities in the US, including Chicagoland! Typically, the initial transaction costs of buying a home (broker’s commission, title insurance, legal fees,

Millennials Join the Market

This is great news! According to the NAR, millennials are the new dominant buyers in the current real estate market. Millennials are changing the game after holding out on real estate and the idea of purchasing a home in general. Over the past few years renting or living with parents, friends and/or family has been

Good Reasons to Buy a Home

There’s no place like home! When you buy your own home, you enjoy more tranquility and personal space. Having more independence and freedom in decision-making adds to your quality of ownership. If you currently rent an apartment, think of all the things that bother you: monthly rent payments down the drain, noisy neighbors and apathetic landlords.