Don’t you love a big, viagra testosterone mail order beautiful foyer? It’s like your home’s way of greeting you with a hug.



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There’s no place like home! When you buy your own home, you enjoy more tranquility and personal space. Having more independence and freedom in decision-making adds to your quality of ownership.


If you currently rent an apartment, think of all the things that bother you: monthly rent payments down the drain, noisy neighbors and apathetic landlords. When you rent a house or apartment, every monthly check you write is money you’ll never see again. Not only that, but you are continually paying for something that isn’t your own, and never will be. When you purchase your own home, not only do you invest in what is yours, but you also end up saving money in tax deductions. And if the value of your house increases, you have an even more valuable investment.




It’s hard to settle down in your own space if you have to hear arguments from next door or loud metal music blasting from the apartment downstairs. Having personal space is such an important factor in one’s quality of life. Home ownership is a way to create more physical and mental space for you. When you own your own home, you can escape the noise and claustrophobia of apartment living and enjoy the peace and quiet of your own personal space.


Your home is the creative expression of your personality. Whether you want to paint the walls in funky colors, add on an extra room, refinish the floors or add a mosaic to the wall, you become the king or queen of your own palace. You have freedom to play music late at night without worrying about a knock at your door. However you decide to decorate, it’s up to you.


By now you’re thinking that purchasing a house may be a worthwhile investment. Certainly there are the downsides to everything. But there are so many good reasons to buy a home. To discuss your specific situation or get more information, give us a call.


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ChiliSunday October 05, 2014

Paulus Park
200 S. Rand Road
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Calling all chili lovers! Back by popular demand, the Park and Recreation Department is having a Barn Burnin’ Chili Cookoff. Put the best chili recipe to the test. This event is officially sanctioned by CASI; CASI rules will apply. If you prefer eating to cooking, all chili entries will be available for tasting after 2 p.m. Try all the chili you want (while supplies last!) for just $3 per person ($2 when you bring a canned good for our local food pantry).  For more information, call 847-540-5068


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With the increase in millennials entering the market, it’s time to start preparing for first time buyers. Although every buyer wants to find their dream home, most individuals are willing to compromise on certain items (especially when they are new to the market). Learn these tips to appeal to the largest part of the buying market.

Realizing the American Dream

According to a JPMorgan Chase survey 87% of Americans surveyed said that owning a home is something they dream about. As the economy recovers, Americans are becoming more optimistic about buying their first home. Low interest rates are adding to this decision. Depersonalize your home before showing it to make it easier for new buyers to imagine making it their own.

aufmacherbild_welcome_home_462Make Your Buyers Feel Welcome

You are trying to sell them a home, not just property. It’s an emotional decisions so you want to be inviting. A walk through your home should give off a “warm and fuzzy” vibe. Add a welcome mat to start the tour off right.

Clean and Clutter-free

The more objects you have in a space, the smaller the space feels. It goes without saying that the better the condition a home is shown in, the more likely it is to sell quickly.

Repair and Improve

Consumers tend to want new items, instead of used ones. While buyers know the house has been lived in, you’ll have a better chance selling the home if they aren’t frequently reminded of it. Replace the lighting fixtures to something bright and modern. Repair any cracks or holes in the wall and repaint with a light, yet neutral color. Walk through your house and check for the “gloomy” places and address them.


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